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North America Regional Landscape Q2 2021 Overview

Market Dynamics

Insurance Market & Key Risks

Improved market conditions are on the horizon. Rate increases are decelerating and there are signs of equilibrium (e.g., the D&O index has nearly returned to its 2003 state). Insurers are looking to regain share of classes of business they deem profitable. A focus on growth is emerging.

New capacity continues to flow in. Capital is coming from traditional markets, de novo markets, bolt-on capabilities, and other sources.

Traditional broking has become more innovative and symbiotic. Experts are collaborating across risk, consulting, actuarial, reinsurance, health, retirement, investments, etc. to support risk assessment and quantification, risk financing decisions, captive feasibility evaluation, exploration of alternative capital, and other out-of-the-box options and solutions.

COVID-19 continues to impact buying decisions. Some businesses - particularly smaller business - continue to suffer from economic stress due to the pandemic and are taking a hard look at insurance (coverages, limits and deductibles) as a place to cut costs.