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Ransomware Readiness & Protect Bundled Solutions

The frequency of Ransomware attacks has increased nearly 500% from Q1, 2018 to Q4, 2020.1 Costs and damages associated with ransomware continue to grow as insured losses are expected to reach USD 20 billion in 2021.2 Without concrete risk control and mitigation actions, organizations may be faced with business interruption, reputational damage, supply chain disruption, liability, and other breach-related expenses in the event of a cyber incident. In addition, organizations may be subject to coverage limitations and/or cost-prohibitive cyber insurance premiums. We recommend that you take steps to reduce your organization’s exposure footprint by concentrating on controls and minimizing the probability of an incident.

Informed by the ransomware attack vectors our Incident Response team encounters every day, Aon’s Cyber Solutions has developed two offerings in the U.S., segmented by client need: Ransomware Readiness and Ransomware Protect.

1 Source: Risk Based Security, analysis by Aon. 2 “Cybersecurity Ventures”

How can Aon help improve my security posture and decrease the risk of ransomware?

Our ransomware solutions are designed to holistically address the critical controls that help mitigate ransomware attace vectors.

Ransomware Protect:

Helps clients determine if an attacker has already successfully breached their environment. We applied our deep experience handling some of the largest, most difficult cyber investigations to create a leading-edge framework that includes tooling and scanning to help unearth attack vectors, attacker techniques and indicators, and provide ongoing visibility into risk exposure. We have coupled this tested framework with access to seasoned security advisory professionals to offer you tailored support.

Ransomware Readiness:

Helps clients address the critical controls needed to help prevent hackers from deploying ransomware. We help align ransomware defenses and assess capabilities against attack scenarios leveraging our proactive security professionals, while combining scanning and vulnerability assessment solutions to deliver a Defense in Depth approach.

How can these solutions also impact my insurance?

To address the mounting losses from ransomware, some insurers have begun instituting supplemental ransomware applications to help determine if their insureds have implemented adequate security controls. Insurers are utilizing these supplemental applications to formulaically evaluate a client’s cyber insurance renewal or placement, which represents a new level of stringency.

Undertaking the components of Ransomware Protect or Readiness and following through with any recommended mitigation strategies can help organizations improve their ransomware defenses and submit more favorable answers on their insurance application, which may lead to a more favorable insurance outcome. Aon is the only firm able to assist clients in proactively and reactively managing cyber risks across their entire ecosystem and throughout the insurance lifecycle.

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