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Country risk changes

Risk changes are year-on-year, from 2020 to 2021

Figure 1 Risk level improvement

Source: Dragonfly

Figure 2 Risk level deterioration

Source: Dragonfly

Why does the US have an elevated score? A risk score is a combination of both the potential/ frequency of a particular event occurring and the impact of that event. The US’s increased score is based upon the events at the Capitol building at the start of the year and the potential for further civil unrest (as currently assessed by Dragonfly), combined with the fact that for any given large violent event, the impact (the calorific value) of damage to property or to business/revenue growth in the US is far greater than elsewhere. A riot in New York or DC would generate a far greater economic impact than a similar riot in Mexico City, Caracas or Cape Town – so it is given a higher risk rating.

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