In partnership with Continuum Economics


About the map and the methodology

Risk ratings are awarded on a seven-point scale, as shown below.

  • The Aon Political Risk Map measures political risk in 163 locations and territories.
  • Risk ratings are standardised across each location, on a seven-point scale ranging from low to very high, with all risks updated once per quarter.
  • Location ratings reflect a combination of analysis by Aon Risk Solutions and Continuum Economics –a global macroeconomic analysis and advisory firm.
  • European Union and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries are not rated on the map.
  • Continuum Economics (formerly Roubini Global Economics) is the international market-leading service for independent economic research powered by 4Cast and Roubini Global Economics.
  • Its research combines expert insight with systematic analysis to translate economic, market and policy signals into actionable intelligence for a wide range of financial, corporate and policy professionals.
  • This holistic approach uncovers opportunities and risks before they come to the attention of markets, helping clients arrive at better decisions in a timelier manner.
  • Continuum Economics’ quantitative approach allows CE and its partners to track changes in countries systematically, providing for more meaningful cross-location comparisons, and most importantly allows each political risk to be decomposed to the various elements that drive that risk.

Figure 2 Seven-point scale

High level themes