Insights and trends related to the claims landscape globally

Global Claims Trends

Claims Management & Advocacy

Each element of the claims process is important in securing appropriate outcomes for clients – from the initial report of loss, through the administration phase, quantification support, and ultimately the advocacy that may be required to bring about resolution. Information requests can be perceived as onerous, and timelines can become challenging. Communication amongst all parties is key, and the involvement of experienced advocates with technical, commercial and project management skill sets from the outset is becoming an absolute requirement in most lines of business, and in most geographies.

Relationships Matter

Trust and integrity are as important in the claims arena as technical and legal expertise. Relationships that have been built over time have proven to be essential through the COVID period, with all stakeholders working in remote environments. The time to build a relationship is before the claim, not during a contentious situation. Aon’s connectivity with major insurers, adjusters and others is differentiating and is an essential contributor to the results we continue to deliver for clients.

Meaningful Insights

Aon continues to focus on sharing claims performance insights with insurers to actively raise claim issues early and address emerging negative trends. Insurers who have managed the economics and staffing challenges related to COVID-19 have an opportunity to significantly outperform those who have struggled to adapt and respond, therefore reflecting a differentiated value to current and prospective insureds.

A Path Forward

Recognizing the difficulties that exist in the current claims environment, there are key pre-loss actions to counteract the most common concerns moving forward. They include reviewing policy wording for changes at renewal, asking brokers to implement claim coordination clauses / follow-the-leader clauses, considering claims performance when selecting insurers, ensuring awareness of the obligations in a claim situation, and taking an active role in the nomination of adjusters in first party lines.

Q1 2021 Trends