Aon support for Inclusion & Diversity strategy and execution

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Recognising that Inclusion & Diversity cannot sit solely within an organisation's people team, Aon takes a dual-track approach to Inclusion & Diversity by working with clients to address this topic at both the employee and board level, supporting decisions with our deep data, analytics, and governance expertise.

Aon Inclusion and Diversity Support

Leveraging our expansive team of experienced professionals – including former Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis leaders – as well as our legal and regulatory corporate governance professionals, Aon partners with public and private companies around the globe to help them navigate their governance risks, taking a balanced and holistic approach that considers not only business goals and strategies but also external industry data, standards, and emerging trends. A key, growing risk relates to the increasing demand for greater transparency and a stronger narrative on corporate and board level actions that progress the I&D strategy. Aon takes a dual-track approach with companies to address this topic at both the board and employee level, and to develop recommendations that are based on robust data, analytics, and governance expertise.

How should Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) be addressed within the boardroom?

Increasingly, boards are being pressured to navigate their own I&D journey by first looking inward, before looking at the broader workforce. Boards, just like companies, are unique. Establishing goals, recognizing where you are on the I&D journey, devising a plan to improve diversity through clear steps over a reasonable amount of time, and then communicating that plan clearly to stakeholders is paramount, and Aon can help, regardless of board size, industry, or I&D maturity. By understanding how to navigate and balance the multiple external factors that apply to board diversity and performance, including investor perspectives, listing exchange requirements, and growing regulations, Aon professionals help boards sort through and prioritize short and long-term action items. We assist with board composition and skills assessments, board and committee performance evaluations, as well as with board diversity policy creation and implementation.

What level of oversight should exist, both for the board and C-suite?

There is a growing need and expectation for the board and the C-suite to be knowledgeable on human capital-related topics, such as I&D initiatives and goals for the broader workforce. This includes understanding evolving stakeholder (e.g., employees, shareholders, activists, media, and regulators) expectations and the related risks. Aon helps companies navigate these risks through tailored board and C-suite level education sessions which provide real time intelligence on key I&D trends including those related to oversight, disclosure, peer metrics and goals, litigation risks, and emerging best practices. Many organizations also need help implementing targeted changes, including establishing a timeline and milestones, assigning accountability, and tracking progress. Aon’s support includes developing tailored I&D dashboards for companies to capture timelines, goals, and progress and efficiently provide visibility to the board and management on a regular cadence.

Want to learn more?

As the role of the Director continues to evolve, risks related to Inclusion & Diversity, ESG, Cyber, Climate Change and other macro-level issues will continue to evolve as well. Aon is positioned to inform client strategies, help them develop plans for change, and support their plan execution, including managing internal and external expectations. Visit Aon’s Boardroom Insights Center or contact your Aon Team to learn more about how Aon can help.