Solution spotlight

A consultative approach - Working Capital 360

Our Working Capital 360 consultancy has been designed to serve our clients' growing needs for innovative solutions that support our clients' financial objectives by utilizing i) trade receivables ii) trade payables iii) collateral replacement (surety) and iv) investments or alternative assets. Utilizing our capability and diagnostic tools we seek to identify working capital enhancements through a proven methodology:

Risk profiling - Debtor profiling and expected loss forecasting, risk analysis on key credit counter-parties, and credit management analysis.

Funded solutions – In addition to designing credit risk mitigation tools that support and facilitate the financing of receivables and payables, Aon will provide access to additional and complementary funding partners.

Surety – Replacing bank and cash collateral with insurance solutions can make an incremental impact on working capital and liquidity.

M&A – Tailored credit solutions that can be applied to the pre-acquisition, sale, and post-acquisition situations.

Technology – Technology-led solutions that provide (1) insights through benchmarking, capacity availability, and risk trends and (2) global program automation to create cost efficiencies, performance and governance benefits.

Our client journey

  1. 360º discovery: Aon and our client ascertain the current state, understand priorities, and agree on a timeline and desired outcomes.
  2. Accountability: Team leader responsible for project delivery, supported by specialist experts, and aligned with key client stakeholders.
  3. Fact-based: Key data points and information identified and obtained either centrally or requested from the relevant business units.
  4. Evaluate: Comprehensive risk profile, expected credit and funding capacity availability, and likely challenges accentuated by COVID-19.
  5. Solution design: Identify and design tailored solutions in respect of credit risk mitigation/transfer, funding, and liquidity.
  6. 360º outcomes: Tailored report articulating specific recommendations aligned to priorities and overall risk and financing strategy.
  7. Future pathway: In-depth discussion debrief to enable agreement on the activation of any solution-specific workstream.

Introducing MarketPlace, our client advisory portal

Aon invests over $400 million in data and analytics every year, this has allowed Aon’s Credit Solutions to design and build an interactive client platform that delivers a safe environment to capture data that is crucial in analyzing our client's needs and finding answers.

MarketPlace allows our clients to communicate and explore how Aon's Credit Solutions can support businesses through our Working Capital 360 methodology in a digital world. Our client-facing platform communicates with your broking team without the need to track emails, find files, or send chasing emails to your credit managers around the world.

MarketPlace can be used to securely send data and communicate with your broker to insure your trade receivables, trade payables, design trade finance solutions, surety, or mergers and acquisitions.