Differences in geopolitical and macro-economic conditions across regions—and from industry to industry—mean organizations' approaches to risk management vary significantly. But the hardening insurance market has had a global impact, and prompted many organizations to consider alternative risk financing options such as captives and protected cells to help them manage their Total Cost of Risk.

Against this backdrop, and with insights from Aon's 2021 Captive Benchmarking Survey, our experts provide regional perspectives into captive insurance market trends, starting with a view from the top.

A view from the top

Regional insights

Industry insights

Data from our 2021 Captive Benchmarking Survey shows captive and protected cell usage has increased across the majority of industries in the past two years, with particularly pronounced increases in utilization for hard-hit lines like Property Damage/Business Interruption, Directors' and Officers' and Cyber.

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Additionally, our experts have focused in on six industries (in red), providing analysis into market and industry trends.

A view from the top

Captives: A global perspective

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